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Tasmanian Recreational Game Licensing

Welcome to the Online Recreational Game Licensing System

Before you proceed to the licence application, please read the following information:
  1. Wild duck, wallaby, muttonbird, brown quail, pheasant and antlerless deer can be hunted in Tasmania during the open season using the interim recreational game receipt that you will print from this online system. A plastic game licence card and deer tag will be mailed to you within ten working days. If you choose to purchase a deer licence on this system, you CANNOT legally shoot MALE deer until you have received both the plastic game licence card and deer tag. Alternatively, please purchase your game licence and deer tag at a ServiceTasmania shopfront to receive your deer tag straight away.
  2. Credit cards accepted are MasterCard and Visa.
  3. There is a 20 per cent discount for pensioners who hold concession cards. If you are applying for a concession, you will need to have your details on hand when commencing your application. For the concessional rate to apply the applicant must be the holder of:
    • a current pensioner concession card (DHS or DVA),
    • a current Health Care Card, or be beneficiaries and/or dependants named on a Health Care Card, or
    • a Tasmanian Seniors Card.

    Children under the age of eighteen years are entitled to a concession only if they have their own concession card or are named as dependants by their parents on one of the above concession cards. You do not have to provide your CRN details with concession card purchases
  4. Security & Privacy
    • Communication with this site is encrypted using standard SSL technology
    • The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment may record partial credit card details for transaction identification
    • Credit card authorisation is done using Westpac Qvalent. We do not store your credit card details. Qvalent commands are sent over SSL.
    • Information recorded by this system may be shared with other parties for the purposes of managing, researching and policing the wildlife resource